The Hughsletter #77

Good morning!

I’m Hugh Hollowell, and this is my weekly newsletter about The Relentless Pursuit of Beauty as a prophylactic against the ugliness of the world. (Learn more about this newsletter here.)

Over the holidays, a friend stayed with us, and told us our house was a sanctuary. That is intentional – I wrote about it here.

Also, yes, that is a new blog, and a new website design. I had more than 900 blog posts, all over the map dating back to 2003. So, a fresh, minimal start. This is just for personal blogging – I still have all my professional work writing (links on my homepage).

Here are five things I thought were beautiful:

  1. Time Magazine has a list of the 100 most influential pictures of all time. Some are beautiful, some are sad, all are amazing.
  2. A cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah on a 6th century Japanese instrument.
  3. Speaking of Japan – Tokyo got its earliest snow in 50 years – here is a collection of pictures.
  4. Like a lot of people who came of age in the 1980’s, I love the movie Back to the Future. These people think it is a near perfect example of storytelling.
  5. The awesome blog My Modern Met has an interview and black and white photo collection from African wildlife photographer Anup Shah, to promote his new book The Mara. I love how close and unique these are.

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Take care of yourself, and each other.

Hugh Hollowell
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