The Hughsletter #81

Good morning!

I was in Atlanta over the weekend for work, and flew back midafternoon Sunday. As is my custom when I have been away, I went for a walk in my yard to see what is happening there – what new has bloomed, what has come up, what changes have occurred.

The daffodils are breaking through the soil, and the crocus are beginning to bloom. And my hellebore are blooming in the bed under the Japanese maple in the backyard.

When I watch the news right now, the world feels like it is burning. The sheer number of things to be outraged over right now is exhausting. Walking in nature reminds me that there are things far more ancient than any of my concerns at play here, and that literally grounds me, and enables me to go on.

Here are five things I thought were beautiful:

NASA’s newest weather satellite sends its first images of earth back, and they are spectacular.

When I announced I was leaving Facebook, a friend who knows me sent me this podcast by Rob Bell, who talks about the value of “being silent in order to say things”. Lots of good things in here about self-care and what to do when your dreams don’t pan out.

My friend Doug wrote The Fat Curmudgeon’s Guide to Going to the Stupid Gym, and it is everything.

81 year old Bob Wood walked into a guitar shop and then schools everyone on what a guitar solo should look like.

When Obama became president, he instituted a new policy – he wanted to read 10 letters a day from the American people. This longform article talks about how that happens, the people who sort the mail and the people who write it. If you don’t tear up reading this, you are dead inside. (There is a tumblr account showing letters Obama read and his responses that will hit you in the feels as well)

What I’m reading:

Sleep. I have struggled with it my whole life. I seldom have a problem getting to sleep – but if I wake up at all, I am just awake.  As a result, I rarely get more than 6 hours in a row, and 4-5 is more common.

So, I am reading all I can about sleep, and how to do it better. This week I read two particularly useful books. The first was Sleep Smarter, by Shawn Stevenson and the second was The Sleep Revolution by Ariana Huffington.

They both go into a lot of detail about the culture of sleep deprivation, the science of sleep and how to “hack” your way to a better night’s sleep. The Sleep Revolution book seems like it could have been chopped by 20%, but it is obvious her goal was to write an exhaustive (no pun intended) account of the science. Both are useful, and are beginning to change how I think about sleep.


If you are looking for practical ways to change things in this current political climate, I suggest you check out 100Days,100Dinners, an initiative some friends of mine are putting on. Who we eat with, matters.

Also – thank you so much to the more than a dozen people who signed on to become sustaining members last week to keep the Hughsletter going. I am so grateful for you all.

Take care of yourself, and each other.

Hugh Hollowell
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  1. Wow, thank you! I never thought I’d make it on the Hughesletter. It’s an honor, sir!

    “The praise of the praiseworthy is beyond all rewards.” – Faramir, in the Two Towers

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