The Hughsletter #87

Good Morning!

The mental aspects of selfcare – like meditating and searching for beautiful things – has come relatively easily to me, but the physical has been harder to prioritize. But the last year has seen me take more care in my diet (think of a non-fundamentalist version of paleo, and you would be close), resulting in my losing almost 40 pounds.

Having decided I have the diet I want down, I have decided to move to exercise. So I am now a person who runs. Or jogs, anyway. Probably more like a shuffle.

I am doing the couch to 5K method, which involves walking with bouts of jogging interspersed, with over time the jogging intervals becoming longer until you are running the whole 5K without stopping. I am on week 4 of 9. I kind of like it, and I credit the shoes.

The shoes I bought to run in are amazingly comfortable, fit my feet perfectly, and cost $120. And they should last me about 8 months long. This seems incredibly expensive to me, and I almost didn’t buy them until a friend pointed out that was the equivalent of three months of my gym membership I wasn’t using. Ouch.

So I quit the gym, bought the shoes, and now I am the sort of person who runs. Or shuffles, anyway. Here’s to honest friends.

Here are five things I thought were beautiful

The New Yorker released a previously unpublished short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald (yes, that guy) I loved called The I.O.U.

In Cappadocia, a region of Turkey, they pretty much invented monasticism some 15o0 years ago. And they release hot air balloons every day. Which is sorta weird, but these photos are amazing.

Me Kyeoung Lee  knows how to find the beauty in everyday things. For instance, she has spent the last 20 years drawing convenience stores, and they are spectacular. Seriously.

Here are the ten finalist in the World Wildlife Day photo competition. That lion, y’all!

A delightful intersection of everyday hidden beauty and the internet gives us this series of art portraits of stray cats. I love everything about this.

What I’m reading

Currently, I’m reading Daily Rituals, which is a collection of the daily routines of 161 writers, poets, painters and other artists. How did Hemingway make himself write? What did Kafka eat every morning before writing? I find it fascinating and not a little voyeuristic.

I have a busy week this week, so I have to dash.

Take care of yourself, and each other.

Hugh Hollowell
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