The Hughsletter #90 – New Beginnings

Good Morning!

Yesterday was Easter – the ancient story of rebirth, a fresh start, and new beginnings.  That it takes place in the springtime is no coincidence: Most ancient cultures had stories about new beginnings that took place in the spring. For instance, the Jewish people (like Jesus) have Passover, which celebrated the new life they had upon leaving Egypt.

No, in springtime there is something primal in us that wants to celebrate the new life we see all around us – the birds being born, the flowers bursting into bloom and the things that looked dead waking from their winter slumbers.

And if you are on the search for beautiful things, then this is an amazing time to be alive. The world may rage, bombs fall and tyrants rule, but the buds still bloom and the birds still sing.

Here are five things I thought were beautiful.

Casey Curan builds kinetic sculptures from brass wire – they actually move, using a hand crank. The intricacy is amazing.

I think sometimes there are two kinds of folks – those who think cities are beautiful, and those who don’t. If you are the former, then here are some awesome photos of Chicago in the wintertime. Mike Meyers, the artist, also rocks the Instagram.

And speaking of cities – check out these photos of 1949 Hong Kong, taken by a teenager new to the city. There is something about having fresh eyes.

Lots of people sent me this link about John Coltrane’s sketching the mathematics behind his music.

Check out this short (less than 4 minutes) documentary – potter Kelly Magleby wanted to learn about Anasazi pottery, so she went into the badlands of Utah and made pottery by hand the way the Anasazi did, with the tools they did. This is seriously cool.


Two things:

The first is that I am in New York City for business from May 10th thru 13th. I would love to grab some coffee or a meal with you while I am there – if you are interested, please just reply back and we can work it out.

The second is that I have started a small new project. Because I have often mentioned in passing how huge gardening is in my own self-care plan, lots of people have asked me to talk more about it. So I started a blog called A Southern City Garden. (The title is a play on my favorite gardening book.) I put it up last week, and have shared it with the Sustainers, but I haven’t told anyone else yet. I want to ease into it. But please, follow along, subscribe and there is a Facebook page for the site as well, if you would rather play that way.

Take care of yourself, and each other.

Hugh Hollowell
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